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Wasaga Snowmobile Club htwww.facebook.com/Wasagabeachsnowmobileclub
c/o PO Box 464<
Victoria Harbour, Ontario

L0K 2A0


The Annual General Meeting of the membership of the Wasaga Snowmobile Club is held each year at the Wasaga Snowmobile Clubhouse on Klondike Park Road. This years event will be held on Monday, May 8th, 2017, and is a great time to see what the club does and how you can volunteer with the club. Students can obtain their required 40 hours of community involvement with the Wasaga Snowmobile Club.

utive Information
President: Graeme Macklin
Vice President: Bill Gaddows
Secretary: Peggy Gibson
Treasurer: Gary Taylor

Trail Information
Main Towns: Wasaga Beach, Stayner
Total Distance of Trails: 103.0 KM
TOP Trail Distance: 63.4 KM
Secondary Trail Distance: 32.1 KM
Natural Corridor Distance: 7.5 KM

Wasaga Snowmobile Club History:

The Wasaga Snowmobile Club dates back to the early sixties when people of the region longed for an escape from the hum drum of a long cold winter with little to do. With Wasaga not having it's own ski hill and not much spillover from the nearby ski hill visitors coming to town, it was a challenge for local business to find a way to keep things going throughout the winter months.

Sledding in the region became a focal point of activity giving locals the opportunity to get out and enjoy the white abundance of snow that we receive annually. Gathering at local establishments and drawing more and more people to it each weekend, the sport soon took off with people who normally only spent summers at the beach coming back in the winter months to experience what Wasaga has to offer.

With it's parabolic sand dunes and expansive summer road trail system, people soon figured that snowmobilers had a great place to ride right here in town. Marinas and fuel stations quickly realized that there was a need for dealerships and maintenance facilities in this region, so by the early seventies there were 9 dealerships within the Town of Wasaga Beach. We were well on our way to playing a major role in the organization of the sport across the province.

In 1971, one of the first ever annual general meetings of what is now the governing body of snowmobiling in the province (OFSC - Ontario Federation os Snowmobile Clubs) was held in Wasaga. It was a big hit with it's fashion and sled show and clubs from all over the province were in attendance. Throughout the next decade Wasaga was the hot spot for snowmobile racing both in the winter and in the summer, with it's first ever dune grass drags.

As we progressed, the Wasaga Club has always been at the forefront of supporting the prograssion of the sport to where we are today. We are honoured to have recently received the Ontario Club of the year and the Club of Canada awards. We pay homage to all those who have had the foresight and the dedication to see our club through to this great honour. Our volunteers are still dedicated and work hard every season to provide the best riding possible for all who ride in this region.

When in the area please enjoy the ride and remember the history and volunteers that make it all possible.